Cleaning Tricks You Will Wish You Knew Sooner

Cleaning…. It’s that dreadful task that is time consuming and not much fun.  Here is a list of tips and tricks to help you accomplish things efficiently leaving you more time to do the things you love.  

Pick One Room First 

Pick a starting point. A good place to a tart is the place you hate to clean most.  Then it’s out of the way and you can move on! Only when that room is finished, move onto the next. 

Work From The Top Down

Meaning, get the cobwebs off the ceiling before you clean the floor!  Check around those light fixtures, ceiling fans and bathroom vents too.  There is nothing more frustrating than making a mess of something you have already cleaned and now have to clean it again.  

Make sure any trash is picked up and thrown out.  And that all misplaced items are put away and tidy so you can get to the real deep cleaning.

Clean Every Surface 

Remember if it has a surface, it can gather dirt and dust. Consider using a bristle brush attachment on your vacuum to suck up any dirt or dust before applying your cleaning products, disinfectants or furniture polish.  Otherwise you may end up making mud and spreading it around. Wipe down the walls. A pro tip- use a flat mop to make this quick and painless. An added bonus is they reach much higher than your arm. Vacuum/wipe down picture frames, knick-knacks, desks, lamps and shades etc. Microfibre cloths or dusters are also great at trapping in the dust making it easier to catch.  Make it part of your goal to have it shine. 

Move The Furniture 

Have you ever seen the amount of pet hair or dust bunnies that can accumulate under the furniture?  You will be amazed at what you can find under there.  Going over it with a vacuum will also help to keep the dust minimized in that room. If you have hard floor, it would be good vacuum and then to mop where the furniture sits before putting the furniture back. 

Vacuum or Mop Your Way Out 

You have worked hard to get this room clean, you should be able to enjoy the satisfaction! If the room is carpeted, start at the furthest corner and vacuum your way out. You’ll get the nice crisp lines from the vacuum without footsteps throughout the room. If it’s hard floor, mop your way out. You will still have the same great feeling of accomplishment when the floor is shining and there are no footprints! 

Keep Your Room Smelling Fresh Longer 

Remember that mop we mentioned for the walls?  Pour a scented cleaner in the water and when you clean your walls it will stay smelling fresh longer.  Be sure to check a small inconspicuous spot on your wall first to ensure it won’t harm your paint. 

Another great tip, is to cut a dryer sheet to fit in your air vent.  When the air turns on, your room will be filled with the scent of it. 

All these little things will make a huge difference in your cleaning schedule.  And remember, you don’t have to tackle the whole house in one day!