Memories Light The Corners of My Home

Organization can be one of the most overwhelming tasks you may have in your life.  We collect trinkets and memories in all shapes and sizes. Pictures, gifts, clothes, toys and anything else that is “special”.  So what do we do with all of these memories, we set them on the shelf, store them in a box, or watch them get shoved into a drawer.  All of these memories are special and we keep them because they honour a special moment in our lives, but how can we keep them without all of the clutter?

One special way to keep all of these special moments is digital.  Sure most of us do not want to depart with the special china teacup that was our great grandmothers, but do we use it?  Do we store it in a spot where it can be seen? Or even honoured?  Not usually, typically these special trinkets are hidden in a china cabinet or a cedar chest or a storage container.  What if we shared these items with others, gift them to someone else or sell them to a collector?  In moving that item on to the next owner then that special memory gets shared with others and by keeping a digital copy we keep that memory for ourselves as well.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed with all of the memories that are stored or sitting around in your life, don’t despair there is hope.  Start by taking a digital picture of each of those items, even if you don’t send it on to the next person, you will want a picture for the purpose of insurance coverage. Now that you have a picture of every item, make sure you back it up to the cloud, save it to a space that is stored digitally online and not on your computer or external hard drive. This will protect those pictures from fire, theft, water or simply misplacing the USB drive you stored it all on.

Everything or almost everything is now in digital format so you can begin sorting through those memories one by one.  Each item has an emotional value or you would not have kept it for any amount of time.  You now have to decide how much value it has.  Ask yourself if the object has value or does the memory of it have value?  Is it the event or the item you brought home from the event that has value? These are tough questions to answer but for some of the items, it will be easier than for others. So start there with the items that will be easier to move on.  Decide what items you would like to gift to others and pass them along.  Now that may seem unfair to move your clutter to someone else’s house, but that is not what it is.  What you will be doing is sharing your memories with those who you want to continue to hold that memory long into the future.

You may feel like you are taking a long time to get through all of these items but that is okay because it took you a long time to collect them.  Determining the importance of memory is something that takes time and careful consideration.  For those items that are more difficult set them aside for a while and ask yourself can I live without having it at my house?  Not visible to me every day? Maybe you already have your answer because that memory has been stowed away for years.  So give away, sell or dispose of those items because the memory is significantly more important than the item.

Now that you have determined what items you will make a special place for in your home, showcase them.  They were special enough to keep, then they deserve a place of honour and recognition.  As for the other items that are no longer there at your home, you need to decide how to honour those memories.  You have a digital keepsake that can be the screen saver on your TV or your computer.  You can buy a digital frame and have the memories scroll by on it.  You could print the pictures and create some framed images or a special photo album.  There are an infinite number of ways you can honour those memories, but it is up to you to do it in your way, in a way that celebrates the memories.

As tough as this process may seem, it does not have to happen all at once.  Begin with one item, then move onto one box, then move through your house looking for those items that are not displayed and honoured as they should be.  Most of us don’t have the room to display everything we want to, so now it is up to you to decide what you are going to do.  Are you going to leave all of the memories be cluttered around your house or are you going to start honouring those memories in a way they deserve? If you are looking for a storage space for these items that you aren’t ready to let go of, get ahold of us at Crate It Storage as always we would be happy to help.