Make The Most of Your Small Backyard Space

The sunshine and blue skies appear to be here to stay! With the warmer weather comes the enjoyment of our outdoor living spaces. Regardless of the size of your backyard, it’s great to be able to enjoy it! Here are 10 ideas to make the most of your backyard, even when it’s on the smaller side. 

Garden in Containers

If you’ve got a green thumb but not a ton of space to enjoy it, utilize planters and other containers to plant your veggies, flowers, or even small trees. By utilizing containers, you can move your plants around to different areas as needed and even rearrange them as you see fit around your other backyard items. Moving things around gives you the ability to create different spaces in your backyard ensuring things always feel fresh and bright. Another popular option is to invest in baskets or planters that can be secured to your surrounding fence to add colour and life to your space. 

Create Natural Boundaries 

Most people like to have boundaries around their space and many achieve that goal by surrounding their yard with a fence. When you have a smaller space to work with, fencing it in will only make it feel smaller. Shift your focus and utilize natural options to create boundaries and privacy instead. By doing so, you will get the privacy you’re looking for without sacrificing square footage. Trees, shrubs and hedges are great options to create space between you and your neighbours and create beautiful scenery too! 

Create A Focal Point

Drawing the eye to a focal point is a great way to take the attention away from the physical size of your space. Both fountains and sculptures are great pieces to incorporate to create that point. When there is something centered to draw your eye’s attention, you won’t be focused on the size of your space. Another fun option is to create a firepit or gathering area in the centre of your space. 

Minimize Your Furniture

Too much of a good thing is always a bad thing right? Nothing clutters up a space like too much furniture-both indoors and out. When choosing furniture for your space, stick to benches with no backs, or thin metal-framed pieces. The lighter the pieces the better so that they blend into the space instead of making it feel cluttered. When you can, choose to have a minimal amount of furniture or choose pieces that can be stored away when not in use. 

Use Every Square Foot

Many backyard spaces wrap around the side of the home and almost always the side yard space is overlooked. In any space, the side yard is an important piece of real estate. Side yards are great for creating a secluded area for new plants, a quiet spot to sit and relax or a sheltered place for a small living space. Your side yard need not go unnoticed or unused! 

Use Your Vertical Space

Thinking outside the box can give you a significant amount of extra space in your yard. Use your vertical space to incorporate flowers and other plants into it. Plant plants that climb a trellis, choose small shrubs or trees that don’t spread far, and hang your planters on fences or the walls of your home. Another innovative idea is creating a planting column. Design a vertical tower, fill it with soil and plant your flowers or food and watch them grow. 

Let The Sun In

A space always feels bigger when the sun can shine in! In a small space, maximize on the sunlight exposure by avoiding large pieces of overhead architecture such as pergolas or awnings. When shade is needed, get it from natural sources like growing trees, and shrubs so that you can still get your dose of vitamin D. By ensuring your overhead space remains clear and unobstructed, you will experience an open and airy space. 

Maximize Your Storage

Most small spaces don’t have room for garden sheds or other means of storage. Finding ways to incorporate storage into your space is key to ensuring that you make the most of your space. Adding built in planters and seating benches with hinged lids for storage instead are both great options. You’ll have plenty of room for your plants and to keep your items secure during the winter months. 

Create Multiple Levels

Multilevel areas are a great way to define the different spaces in your yard. Think of the different levels like different rooms. Mix materials like decks, pallets, stonework, gravel, and grass to give a clear perspective on what each space is used for. The multiple levels ensures you use every square foot of the space you have. 

Focus On A Smaller Scale 

When you don’t have a lot of space to work with adding large-sized items isn’t going to work in your favour. Instead, opt for alternative solutions to get what you want. If you desire a fire pit area but don’t have room for one, opt for a small patio set and a tabletop fire bowl or a propane fire pit that can be stored away when not in use. You can still get what you want-just get creative! 

With summer just around the corner, we’re sure your plans for your outdoor space are underway. Enjoy planning and creating the space you desire to enjoy for the months to come!