12 Ways to Make Your Large House Feel Cozy

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Is there a way to make a big home into a cozy one? 

According to one statistic, Canadians fall third behind the US and Australia as holding the highest average size of residential homes throughout the world. With that in mind, its citizens are the least desirous of larger homes. 

Perhaps Canadians understand that a larger home isn’t always it’s cracked up to be. What with the cleaning required and the oft-hollow spaces, it makes sense. 

If you’re hoping to have a large home, you’ll want to know how to make your home cozy so that you don’t feel surrounded by cold, concrete walls. 

Here are 12 ways you can make your large house feel cozier. 

1. Paint Your Walls in Two Tones

Colours are powerful. Your paint colour can have a significant effect on the appearance of the size of your home. Want to lower those high ceilings?

Consider having two-tone walls to trick eyes (including yours). You can do this by simply using tape to create a neat line and painting below it.

2. Use Dark Colours 

Dark colours are another way to decrease the breadth of your space. While lighter colours cause light to reflect off them and give your place a more open look — think mirrors, for example — dark colours do the opposite. 

3. Use Tall Plants and Light Fixtures

Lessen the expansiveness of your space by using tall plants. Large plants help to “bring down” the ceiling and are great space fillers, giving that homey look you want. 

Light fixtures do the same thing. Hanging lights bring the ceiling lower and fill the space in tall rooms. 

4. Use Warm Lighting

The light fixtures you use should be warm to give an inviting feel. While bright, cool lights encourage alertness, warm lights bring comfort and make you feel relaxed.

Instead of buying a brand new light fixture, you might gain the effect of warm light by using light-diffusing lampshades or simply lighting your fireplace or a candle. 

5. Arrange Your Furniture Wisely

Be mindful of the way you arrange your furniture if you want to achieve the cozy effect. When furniture is set far apart, it tends to make a place feel empty. When guests visit, it creates unnecessary distance. 

Try to arrange your furniture with no more than 18 inches between them. Creating conversation circles where all the furniture face each other also boosts connection. 

6. Use L-shaped Sofas

L-shaped sofas should be in your furniture arsenal of your cozy home project. While smaller homes may not be able to fit such pieces, a big L-shaped sofa is perfectly suited for your home and fulfills your purpose of creating a cozier home. 

7. Fill in Wall Space

When it comes to cozy, the more wall space you fill, the snugger your home. Furniture in large spaces do best when they are not resting against walls. This means you get a lot of empty wall space. 

You can fill these spaces by placing console tables on the wall along with some benches underneath. Family photos on top will solidify that welcoming feel. 

8. Create Secondary Seating Areas or Nooks

With a bigger home, you likely have more furniture. Instead of overdoing it in one location, create a secondary seating area or even a reading nook. Remember, the barer a corner, the bigger a home feels. 

And if you simply have too much furniture on your hands, be sure to reach out to us to store it safely for you.

9. Section Large Rooms with Screens

These days, open-concept homes are gaining in popularity. If you have an open-concept home that’s missing a level of coziness, you might want to section it more. 

You can do so by using console tables and creating secondary seating areas as we mentioned above. You can also use different rugs, or by placing your L-shaped sofa between rooms like the living and dining area.

10. Choose Multiple Focal Points 

To make your home feel bigger, you should have one focal point for a room. To achieve the opposite effect and make your home more welcoming, have multiple focal points. 

11. Use Oversized Ottomans 

For spacious living rooms, ditch the coffee table and replace it with an oversized ottoman instead. These add warmth and softness to your now cozier home.

12. Use Large Photos

Adding your favourite photo on your call is typically the finishing touch with decor. Large scale photos are the perfect way to wrap up your cozy home look. Your selected photo should also have meaning.

A photo with meaning and personality creates intimacy while exuding boldness. If you have white walls, a black and white photo with soft colours in between give the best effect. 


At the end of 2018, the average home size of Canadians stood at around 6,440 square feet. Where do you fall with these numbers? And are you able to keep your large home clean? 

In our last blog, we helped you figure out how to make a plan to keep your home clean this year. Now, we want to help you keep it cozy.