7 New Year’s Resolutions to Keep Your Home Clean

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Most New Year’s resolutions are to do with our body (health), or our finances (job or business). But what about our home, where most of us have been spending more time every day due to the pandemic?

People usually love the results of cleaning, but when it comes to the action itself, trouble arises. It’s stressful to think about, energy-sucking, and sometimes mind-numbing.

Here are some resolutions to keep your home clean without feeling weighed down. 

1. Take a Hard Stance on Clutter

One, small thing you should get out of the way before the new year gets old is decluttering your home. If you haven’t already, break down a day, a week, or even this month of January into increments. For each session, go to one room and clear out the clutter. Then, move on to the next.

Decluttering will not leave your home feeling brand spanking new, but it will leave you feeling lighter and put you in a better space to start fresh. From there you can better resolve to take things further. And remember, you can always get the professionals to help you pack away items you rarely use. 

2. Get the Entire Family on Board 

If you expect to keep a clean home when you have three or four kids constantly running around without a care in the world for the mess they’re making, you won’t get far. You probably know that already, though. 

Don’t just give up on the idea of making cleaning a family affair. Find fun ways to have your kids pick up after themselves. Start with small tasks like putting away dishes and toys. And match the age to the task — teenagers can clean up their own rooms.

3. Stay Safe on a Home Macro-Level

It’s common to overlook practices that lead to the build-up of mould or health hazards like fire or radon. In many cases, the presence of radon, and hence the risk of lung cancer in a home, is way higher than it should be.

Radon reportedly accounts for 16% of lung cancer deaths in the country. This radioactive gas, which emanates from uranium within the ground, should be less than 200 Becquerels per cubic metre. A $25 test for radio is available at most hardware stores, so work on keeping your family safe.

4. Establish Cleaning Habits and Rituals

Cleaning tasks have various turnover times. You should be cleaning your dishes daily while washing your sheets might be a weekly task. Get into daily, weekly, and monthly habits that will keep you ahead of things. The overwhelm from a build-up of cleaning work due is no joke. 

Daily habits might include a quick decluttering session — no more than five or 10 minutes to put obvious objects away. You could also do daily wipe downs of shower walls and sinks, and evening or nightly dishwashing.

Don’t get hung up on these tasks. Just make them a small part of your routine, whether that’s after showering or after a meal. Your reward will be a good rest and a clean home when you wake up.

5. Dust Regularly and Clean Your Carpets for Health

Cleaning is as much to do with you and your family’s health as personal hygiene is. Take dusting seriously this year as it might help thwart allergies and help with overall lung health. 

Resolve to get rid of dust rather than move it around by using a damp cleaning cloth instead of a regular duster. A vacuum attachment will also do the trick. Additionally, vacuum your carpets at least weekly for those with sensitive noses or with conditions like asthma. 

6. Have a Cleaning Arsenal

You can’t do any of the above without the right tools in your cleaner kit. 

This year, make sure you have a container with items like rubber gloves, sponges, toothbrushes, and cleaning cloths. You should already have sprays and plastic bags around. 

If you really want to be prepared, make a small investment in a builder’s apron so you can carry your tools around and make your hands free when needed. 

Don’t get too ahead of yourself, though. Maximize your time by categorizing cleaning tasks and focusing on one at a time. Sweeping and mopping are usually done last. 

7. Go Green to Stay Clean

Extend your clean home resolution beyond just your home. Keep the planet clean with just a few small steps you can take in your own house. Switching off lights that are not in use is a great practice the entire family can pick up. 

Other small but effective habits include drying your clothes on a line instead of in the dryer all the time, using LED bulbs, and turning off your A/C unit as well as any power strips before you leave your home. 

If you want to take things to another level, look into composting. You might even make your home into a mini-garden by adding indoor plants — which is also a great way to clean your air. Plus, plants always offer positive, welcoming energy, both for yourself every day and for any guests. 


Remember, it’s better to practice prevention rather than wait for the build-up to take over. Even if you start small, just start! If you’re overwhelmed with items in your home, reach out to us for the right storage solution to fit your needs. 

Your family, home, and your health will thank you later!