8 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Holiday Season

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The holidays might have you happily buried in gifts and decorations, but it might also leave you with a mess. As the end of the year falls upon you, here’s how you can prepare your home for the last couple of months. 

Ahead of the holidays, you should take time to organize and declutter your home. Making your home holiday-ready is the first step to starting off with a fresh slate for the new year. 

1. Declutter the House

Room by room, take time to do a purge of your house. Don’t be forgiving. Get rid of everything and anything that no longer serves you and make way for incoming gifts. Last year, six percent of Canadians spent over $1,000 on shopping.

You may choose to sell, or you can get into the holiday spirit and donate items you no longer want or need. Another option is to let an experienced storage company handle those items you want to keep.

2. Deep Clean Your Fridge

During the holidays, you’re probably going to need as much space as you can possibly acquire in your fridge. Remove all items that will probably end up rotting in a few weeks and try as much as possible to clear out your fridge.

You may need to make room for baked meals, leftovers, and to help store dishes that guests bring over before they are served. A deep clean will help prepare for all of that. 

3. Prepare Your Kitchen 

It’s never too early to prep your kitchen for the coming engorgement of holiday meals. Before everyone else makes their grocery run, get started with restocking your pantry, your bar if you have one, and replacing old or unusable kitchen wares.  

In addition, you might want to put some self-serve snacks in the fridge — both for yourself and for guests. For desserts, indulge in pre-made pastries or frozen appetizers. 

4. Design Intentionally 

The holidays don’t oblige you to have tons of decorations in each room of your house. Instead of cluttering your place, consider going with a few simple, thoughtful items. 

Scented candles, warm fires, relaxing music, tasty snacks, and cozy blankets all do a great job and leave your home feeling light as your stomach gets heavy. 

5. Pet-proof and Baby-proof Decorations 

If you do have ornaments and a Christmas tree around, make sure they are kept away from both your human and fur babies. Cats might want to climb up a tree, and your dog’s tail might swing things into chaos. 

To prevent any disasters, opt for shatterproof ornaments, and make sure potentially toxic items are out of reach of all the little ones. Always be mindful of any open flames.

6. Prioritize Decor Safety 

Along with making decor safe for the kids, you will want to ensure that you fire-proof your tree. All too often, house fires increase around this time of year. If you are working on getting a real tree, make sure you water it regularly.

Before you set it up in your home, cut off about an inch at the bottom before you put it in water. You might have to refill the water daily. In terms of placement, the tree should be away from direct sunlight. 

7. Be Wary of Outlets

Depending on your level of decor, the many displays and lighting strings can strain your electric system. Ideally, you should hire an electrician to install a second circuit and safely bring life to your holiday spirit. 

8. Secure Your Home

You might be staying elsewhere for the holidays, or you may remain in your own home. If the former applies, reach out to a neighbour to mind your plants and collect your mail. 

You may take other steps like installing a security system if you don’t yet have one. Another option is to store items elsewhere. Crate It Storage is highly secured and will give you peace of mind for the holidays. 


The holiday season is like anything else — you get the most out of it when you prepare. Let the end-of-year surprises come only in the form of gifts by using the above tips to prepare your home for the holidays.