14 Innovative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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A smaller space often means a smaller carbon footprint, but there are challenges to this unique lifestyle. You might also find yourself renting or living in a home where some of the rooms were space-deprived. 

While the average size of a home in Canada is 6,443 square feet, a too-small bedroom, kitchen, or even a miniature living room might be part of your regular life. So how do you manage your storage needs when you have less space to work with? We’ve got a few ideas. 

1. Get Multi-Purpose Furniture

Finding gorgeous furniture that doubles as storage space is not at all difficult nowadays. This idea could come out of your pocket or you could find easy DIY ways to repurpose your existing pieces. 

2. Use Vertical Areas 

Wire baskets and plastic containers can easily be fitted onto the insides of cabinet doors or even regular-sized doors. These will hide and hold small items that make any room look cluttered. 

3. Find Clever Storage Add-ons

Most people know about hair dryer holders, but not many know about the array of other storage add-ons available out there. In the kitchen, there are cutting board racks among the assortment of options for cookware. 

For your laundry, specialized clothes bins await you. These genius items are just another way that you can get rid of clutter and make your small space look clear and organized. 

4. Be In-Your-Face with Storage

Often, storing items in obvious places takes nothing away from your home’s neat look. In fact, it can enhance it and make you look more put-together. Towel rolls in your kitchen can easily stand on a beautiful holder instead of getting stored in a cabinet. 

Meanwhile, items like aluminum foil and parchment paper can perhaps be stored in a mesh file. Adversely, you can do the total opposite of in-your-face storage by holding your goods at an external location like Crate It Storage company. 

5. Opt for Layered Shelving

Shelving that spreads across an entire wall allows you to make maximum use of just one area. Install one or two more shelves below it and store a variety of items like books, shoes, purses, and more. 

6. Explore a Bed Hutch 

If you need more space than a shelf will give you, try looking into a bed hutch and storage headboard. Make sure the piece suits your bedroom colors. The snug feet of a storage headboard makes for a homey look. 

7. Try a Wall-Mounted Desk 

Floor space should be cherished when working around small spaces. Not many are privy to the glory of wall-mounted desks, but they can be useful and will make a room feel lighter and possibly look more elegant. 

8. Get a Hanging Laundry Hamper

Switching out your standing laundry hamper for one that hangs is another way to clear up the floor. You may choose to invest in an over the door laundry bag to empty out a room a bit more. 

9. Buy or Build a Storage Mirror 

The secret about mirrors is out. This beauty must-have is an easy way to declutter your home by doubling it as a storage space. Floor-length mirrors arguably look more substantial and intentional when they can open up. 

Shorter mirrors can be used for accessories like makeup, jewelry, hairpieces, and the like. Many people already doubled up their bathroom mirrors to be used as medicine cabinets. 

10. Use Wall-Mounted Chairs 

In extra small spaces, living areas sometimes have to be sacrificed to make way for just the essential rooms in a home — the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. 

One might be able to get around this by installing wall-mounted seating. A floating bench can double as a shelf and can be a great DIY project for small homeowners. 

11. Store Underneath the Stairs and Bed

One of the up and coming practices in home storage is the use of space underneath a staircase. One can have pull-out racks for coats, shoes, or just general shelving needs. 

Under your bed is another area that you can smartly renovate into an organized storage location. Too often, we pack things underneath our bed or let it collect dust. Rolling under-bed storages is the ultimate bedroom trick. 

12. Buy a Magnetic Spice Storage 

Fridge magnets may look old school to some. That is unless you put modern, magnetic spice storage on one side. These gorgeous pieces bring color to your fridge and give you easy access to your favorite spices. 

13. Use Shower Curtain Clips for Beauty Products 

Sometimes, it seems as if the bathroom is where all the space in a home was sacrificed. It’s so cramped that there’s little room for anything else. In such a case, you can use curtain clips to hang beauty items. This might actually be more convenient than standing them up on a counter. 

14. Use Shelves as Room Dividers 

Shelves don’t only belong on walls. In many cases, they give a room more character when standing freely within a space. For small spaces, they are also useful as room dividers where walls would have normally been placed. 


Small spaces do not always equal fewer items. If you’re really struggling to make everything fit in your small space — and cannot let go of certain items — you can always opt for external storage. The idea is to do what works for your needs while keeping an organized balance.