How to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

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Working from home might have been exciting at first, but like everything else, the novelty of the experience can soon wear off. None of us expected to be in the situation we’re in today. 

While some of us are caught up with remote working in the new age, others might miss socializing with our co-workers and the distinguished point of focus that an office provides. 

Even your boss was probably a welcome presence in hindsight now that you know how important accountability is. The tendency to delve off into house tasks or entertain distractions at home might now be taking over. 

The allure of remote work could also wear off easily if you end up doing more work than if you were at the office. Whether you’re doing more and getting exhausted, or doing less due to lack of motivation, here are ways to stay inspired while working from home. 

Wake Up Early

If you’ve been waking up late for the past few months, you’d best do to nip that practice in the bud. By far, most people are more productive earlier in the morning. 

It’s best to wake up as early as you did when you had an office to go to (around 7:00 am). Early risers tend to feel more in charge, be sharper after breakfast, and work more efficiently so that they can finish in good time. 

Establish a Morning Routine

In like fashion, do what you used to do — or near to it — when you would get ready for an office job. Sure, you can sacrifice the fancy suits and basically anything that needs ironing; but keep in mind that clothes inspire. So at the very least, dress nicely to feel better and boost productivity. 

Additionally, don’t just hop out of bed and get behind your computer, stick to your washroom rituals so that you feel put-together, clean, and more confident by the time you sit down and get started. 

Stick to a Regular Schedule 

In line with your morning routine, organize your day on paper, and make it a habit to follow. Sticking to a schedule works because humans are proud creatures of habit and typically need routines to work optimally. 

From the time you wake up to planning the most essential tasks needed to get done each day, writing it down (or typing it up) is a crucial part of staying motivated when working from home. Be sure to also go over your accomplishments for an extra boost.

Have a Home Office

By now, you’ve probably realized that working in bed is a recipe for disaster. Your mind is programmed to relax if you’re working where you sleep. Your living room and kitchen have their own distractions. 

It’s best to have a dedicated office. This does two things: it establishes boundaries for family and friends and forces you to be more committed to your job. 

Don’t slack on decor, either. In addition to setting up your equipment and stationary to get in the zone, you may want to put your achievements and awards on display for motivation. 

Keep Your Body Energized 

Get this. Working from home could help increase your lifespan. That’s because sitting all day for hours at a time decreases it. If you’re at home, you can stretch your legs whenever you want to. 

You can easily schedule regular breaks to stretch your legs, arms, and body overall. Or use an app that alerts you to do so. In addition, you can now enjoy at-home workouts without having to consider travel time. 

If you opt to do workouts before or during the workday, you’ll enjoy physical and psychological benefits including clearer thinking, productivity boosts, and endorphin-induced happiness. 

Be Strict with Potential Distractions 

This one might be obvious, but sometimes we need a reminder not to sit down in front of Netflix for hours on end when we should be doing work. Similarly, we’re now forced to cut off social platforms that could hinder us. 

Typically, humans work best when they’re undisturbed mentally for certain periods of time (usually 50 minutes). Constantly checking Instagram or even work platforms like Skype is something that should be controlled. 

There are apps to mute sites like Facebook and YouTube while working. Remember, you can reward yourself with them during scheduled breaks or simply wait until after work is done. 

Take Time to Better Yourself 

Exercise is not the only thing you can and should do for your mental and physical well-being when working from home. Work on yourself in the way that you choose gives an extra boost in mood and motivation. 

This could be a new hobby, learning a new skill, watching an informative video, practicing self-care with a 30-minute scented bath, or just taking quiet time to read a business book once a day. 

Get Out of the House

Getting outdoors is important now more than ever. Exiting the four walls of your home and maybe taking a walk to the park is an excellent practice to improve your mental health.

In addition, you’ll want to designate regular mini-vacations. To whatever extent you can, take a few days off now and then as they help your brain rejuvenate itself and boost motivation. 


Working from home doesn’t have to be soul-sucking, nor should we be living it up like we’re our own boss now. And if we are, then that’s all the more reason to inculcate these tips into our daily work routine. 

Whatever the case, motivation is arguably one of the most difficult things to stay consistent with. We hope these tips help get around that obstacle and inspire you to switch things up and become the amazing home worker you can be.