10 Things That Are Making Your House Look Cheap

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Home design is a ticklish task when you’re on a budget. While you’re eager to make your house look and feel like you, sometimes it’s just not possible due to finances. 

In attempting to be a smart spender, it might be better for your pocket, but the look of your home may suffer. The trick is to know your design technique and what to avoid so your home won’t look cheap. 

Before we get started, keep in mind that clutter will make any home look cheap, messy, disorganized, etc. Avoid all of that by securing those items you don’t regularly use with a reliable storage company. Now let’s dive in. 

1. Exaggerated Themes 

Unless you’re focusing on your toddler or preschool child’s bedroom, stay away from a heavily zoned-in theme. An overdone display showcasing your love of flowers will not only look tacky, but it will make your home look cheap. 

The saying “too much of a good thing” applies to home design as it does for everything else. Instead of a strong theme, go for a more subtle presentation by placing the object you like far and few between. 

2. A Too-Small Rug

It might be cheaper, but that small rug you’re considering will not work for a decent-sized room. It throws off the balance and gives off a disorganized feel. 

Ideally, you want a rug that is large enough to go underneath all the legs of your chairs in your living room. On the other hand, you don’t want a rug that is too big as it will give off the feel of the room being smaller than it is.

3. Matching Furniture 

One might believe that a matching furniture set is inherently cheaper, but that’s not always the case. The look of a matching set, however, definitely gives off a cheap look. 

Modern design calls for a clever mishmash of color and texture from different furniture, fabric, and wood. It’s also a great way to bring out your personality. Try to avoid more than two pieces that are alike. 

4. A Cluttered Entrance 

Out of habit, you might be leaving everything in your entryway. Over time, this leads to a very unappealing entrance which does little for your guests’ first impression other than making your home look cheap. 

Try to keep your entryway not just tidy, but as clean as possible. Make sure there are places for both yourself and guests to neatly store keys, coats, and bags. You can make it pop by adding unique, functional pieces. 

5. Generic Art Pieces

If you’re not typically an art lover, it’s easy to get carried away when you go to an art store and look for a piece to show off on your wall. Resist the urge to buy anything that is mass-produced. 

Instead of going with generic art, find something that has meaning to you, is unique, and preferably an original. To go a step further, you might even consider creating your own piece.

6. Bad Lighting

Bad lighting goes both ways in that it can be too bright or too dim. The former feels tacky and may highlight design elements you don’t want to show off while the latter will make your home feel like a cave. 

Furthermore, different rooms each call for a unique lighting fixture. Whiter lights will be harsh in a bedroom while darker lighting is perfect for basements. Find the balance and make sure the size of the light fixture is suitable for your space. 

7. Too Much Cute Statues 

Cutesy decor draws us in like nothing else, but when placed in your home in excess, they simply make the space look cheap. In some cases, they give your home more of a childish feel than an adult dominion. 

Those animals, young kids, and quotes in statue form may have their place, but don’t go overboard. And if you simply can’t resist, be sure that the statues have meaning to you and reflects your personality. 

8. Fake Plants 

There was once a time when faux plants would have worked anywhere, but those days are long behind us. Now, people can easily recognize fake greenery. Plus, the real ones are praised for their health benefits. 

The thought of having to take care of a plant might intimidate you, but more than likely you’re just underestimating yourself. Go green or go home. 

9. Empty Walls 

Sleek and sophisticated doesn’t mean bare and boring. It might be easier — both financially and in decision-making — to leave a wall blank. Take another route to avoid looking cheap. 

An empty wall offers a variety of decorative options for you to choose from. Pictures, prints, and other framed items will all showcase your personality and add character to your space. 

10. Displayed Electronics Wires

Hiding your wires will not just be better when guests come around, but it will also be easier on the eyes for you. No one likes exposed wires, and a messy view might lead to a messy life. 

If possible, find an inexpensive wall unit to attach your TV to the wall. As for other wires, there are endless tricks available to keep them hidden and stored away. 


Remember, your home doesn’t have to look like a million dollars, but it certainly should never look cheap. These days, homes in the country are going for just under half a million dollars. Let’s aim for that. 

The most important thing, however, is to bring out your personality in your home in some form or fashion. Having a home that looks like everyone else’s is even worse than having a home that looks cheap.