14 Ways to Liven up Your Home While under Quarantine

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Are you fed up with seeing the same decor every single day while stuck at home during the quarantine? While the ability to earn during the pandemic takes priority, it’s just as important to keep your mental health intact. 

Canada’s COVID-19 status is continuously evolving, but as of April month-end, we’re still under high risk. With over 50,000 cases in the country, everyone should be doing their best to stay safe and healthy in all ways.

Before starting out, keep in mind that you don’t want to do anything that’s not in line with your personal style and doesn’t go overboard. Keep things cool, cohesive, and clutter-free.

In your living room, bring in potted plants you may have from outside

Fresh greenery is said to help improve your mood. Plus, it will make the area feel more natural and charming.

Put up posters, paintings, or other pieces of art you may have stored away

You could even turn your bedroom or a guest room into a gallery of art pieces. If you can’t go out, why not bring the art to you? 

Use fluffy, colorful blankets on your bed

If you go on grocery runs, feel free to pick up something that will bring more life into what should be your main sanctuary. 

Place plants, real or fake, in your kitchen

Our beloved green friends make a place feel warm and inviting. Just don’t go overboard! 

Take up DIY projects

A great one is hand-painting cabinets and walls in the kitchen. Think flowers, fruits, and vegetables. 

Not the best painter?

Another idea is to purchase themed decals and plaster them on walls and furniture. Nature decals might inspire you in the office while animals can work in the living area. 

Use everyday items to make magic

You can buy cheap hooks and then use things you already have such as scarves, jewelry, and mugs from the kitchen to add variety to a room. 

Lost for collections? Become your own Van Gogh then

Purchase an inexpensive canvas of any size and take a pencil, brush, or even charcoal to it.

Do art in another way

If you’re really doubtful of your undoubtedly remarkable hidden talents, use fabric and tie it around the canvas. Enjoy the vibrant results that follow.

Place a rug on the floor

…And watch the feel of any room change. You don’t have to dig deep into your pockets. Just look for something that speaks to your heart. 

Repurpose old items

A lot of things used to hold food can later serve as decorative holders for something else. For example, mason jars that held jelly can be used for endless purposes.

Get creative in other ways

Mugs you don’t use often might better serve as fashionable makeup brush holders and plastic bottles can be used to grow new plants. Get creative with what’s in your home. 

Place a mirror somewhere

… And see your room double in space. Of course, it will just be an illusion, but it’s a widely used and effective one.

Add character to any area with mirrors

You can go rugged or chic; curved, or cornered. Mirrors work well in living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms so you’ve got a lot of placement options. 

Switching things up at home might do the trick for two reasons: One, you’ll have another reason to get your body off the couch and get moving. Two, you’ll feel all fresh and new when you move stuff around. 

Don’t forget to keep things clean — use storage if you have to. And, as best you can, try to create the feel of a brand, new home.