10 Easy Ways to Organize your Office when Working From Home

home office space organization desk declutter storage

For many of us, the lines between work and home have been blurred due to COVID-19. It’s not just about balance anymore. Those of us new to remote work now have to adjust to a completely different lifestyle. 

If you’ve never worked from home before, it’s easy to rush into an all-day pajama, couch lounging lifestyle. Sadly, that’s the wrong way to go. 

To actually have a productive workday, you’ll need an office that’s suitable for getting work done. Here’s how to do it. 

1. Have Exclusive, Personalized Office Space

Make sure to separate your home life from your work life by allotting a room or at least a small space only for work. In this area, you should have as few distractions as possible. 

While you want a spot that’s all about business, make sure your space is adapted to fit your personality. Dress up your desk with stickers, plants, and use your favorite throw pillow for support.

2. Use Mason Jars and Caddies to Hold Office Supplies

Pens, markers, to-do notes, and craft supplies may be part of your working routine. Back at the office, you probably had pen holders and a desk drawer to store these.

In case you’re short on such items, you can make use of mason jars, boxes, and small caddies to hold your items. You want to keep the area around your computer as clear as possible to optimize productivity. 

3. Use Drawer Dividers

If you do already have a work desk with a drawer, keep it organized by using dividers or plastic organizers. Since you’re home, there’s a greater chance you’ll chuck items in these drawers. 

You don’t want to be overwhelmed with clutter yourself just a few days into your new remote life. So make compartments for items like flash drives, sticky notes, and more, and avoid the headache of a messy drawer. 

4. Make Use of Shelves

Shelves add a great visual element and practicality to your home office. Use them to rest a house plant or two along with books and magazines. 

In addition to the decor, you can use standing or wall shelves to hold office supplies and file documents. Documents not regularly used can be kept safe externally with a storage company. 

5. Use Baskets and Hooks

Stow larger work materials in woven baskets that flow with your office’s aesthetics. Chic wall hooks for clutter can also help do the job. Make the most of your space with these and any cubbies the room may hold. 

6. Convert to Electronic Filing

An optimal way to decrease clutter is to convert to electronic filing. Despite the advantages, many businesses have not yet done this. Electronic filing is both time and space-saving. 

Just scan your paper files and upload them to your computer. Later, when you return to your work office, you’ll just print out those documents — though, hopefully, the boss will have changed to digitalized filing, too.

7. Create a Pegboard Wall

You can convert an entire wall into a pegboard wall or create a smaller one suitable for your needs. Pegboard walls can contain shelving and hooks which you can use for office supplies. 

This charming decor can also be used to hold motivational art and more of your favorite creative pieces. It’s also a great spot for holding sticky notes and other functional items. 

8. Designate a Command Center

If your job calls for the use of a printer or scanner, you can add this to a designated command center, Here, include your files and calendar and keep it as your base of operations. 

Because this equipment is fairly large, it doesn’t have to be part of your main office area, it can be elsewhere in your home. This separation makes your office more realistic to your former work life. 

9. Keep a Calendar and Schedule Ahead

There’s nothing wrong with having both a digital and a physical calendar to stay ahead of things when working from home. A decorative calendar adds both charm and productivity to your daily runnings. 

While it may not be as detailed as your online calendar, try to keep a system that runs for about three months on your wall. Since you’re now leading yourself, take all steps needed to boost productivity. 

10. Stay on Top of Cleaning

Even after you’ve done all this, make sure you keep your work area clean by regularly decluttering. Don’t overwhelm yourself, however. Clear out one drawer per day as necessary. 

If you have a bulletin board, remove past events and old messages. Your computer desktop should also be cleared at least once a week for efficiency and minimal clutter. 

Keep in mind that storage companies are still running during the COVID-19 pandemic. So make a call if you feel that external storage will help you get by. 


Remember, your home office should be customized to fit your preferences and habits. Use your own sense of style and organizational needs to determine what works best for you. 

Since it’s not advisable to go out as much as before, make use of DIY videos online and take on projects. Perhaps the kids can even chip in. With online schooling, they’re probably working on tv, too.