How To Organize a Shared Bedroom

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Organizing a shared bedroom is a common frustration for families everywhere. It can be challenging to find furniture that fits properly with everything else you need to have in the room. Here are our top five tips for organizing a shared bedroom to make the most of the space.

Use Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a popular option for shared rooms-and it makes sense why. Bunk beds give each kid their own sleeping space, while only taking up the floor space of one bed. They are ideal for smaller spaces and many come with built in storage options like drawers in the stairs. Purchasing a bunk bed option with storage space, saves you from needing to find a place for another piece of furniture and makes it multipurpose too.

Always Choose Multipurpose

To continue on about multipurpose items, you need to be picky in choosing other furniture items for a shared space. Opt for pieces that can serve more than one purpose. For example, opt to add a bookshelf to the space that can double as toy storage or can hold small bins of items. You can also look for a bench that’s perfect for reading, with a seat that also lifts for double as a toy box.

Add Shelving

Wall mounted shelves are perfect for a shared space to hold items you may not need everyday. Collectibles, photo frames, or even collectors books are great to options to place on shelving. By using shelving, the items remain on display for each of your children giving the room personality, without cluttering up the space.

PS: they are cost effective too!

Use Storage Cubes

Like bookshelves, storage cubes are a unique storage option for virtually every room in your home. The multipurpose design of a cube unit is great for a shared bedroom for a few reasons. One, it can be used to hold books and children tend to have large libraries. Two, they can hold generous sized baskets where you can place small toys, puzzles, or even clothing items like socks and undergarments. Three, they are great for stacking games on too. And four, cubes are extremely versatile because they can also be wall mounted.

Use The Space Under the Bed

Under the bed storage is highly underrated and one of the most unused spaces in a home. There are a variety of bins you can purchase that fit under most beds and are relatively inexpensive. You can store almost anything under a bed-from extra shoes, and clothing (both seasonal and the next size up) to games and toys. The possibilities are endless when using this forgotten about space. We would always recommend storing items here that you won’t need super easily accessible all the time.

Shared bedrooms are common in most family homes but the organizing process doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. We hope these 5 tips help you to keep your kids shared space easy to navigate and enjoy!