Should post secondary students use storage in the summer months?

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College and university are almost wrapped up if not already for most post-secondary students. If you are a post-secondary student or have a child or children who are, you may be wondering what you’re going to do with all their stuff. The next couple of months don’t need to be cramped or overcrowded. Read on to find out more about how storage can work for you and your family.

Why use a storage facility?

Doom room necessities and apartment or home furnishings can take up a ton of space in your basement or garage. Storing those belongings in a secure storage space ensures that you don’t spend the summer arranging, and rearranging extra furniture, kitchen items, and more. With an extra body or bodies in your house for the summer season, you don’t need to worry about extra items too.

Choosing a storage facility.

There are a few things you should look for in a storage facility. Security is one of the top priorities. Since furniture and other household items can add up to being quite an expense, you’ll need to find a location that is safe and secure to ensure your items are kept safe until the summer is over. You also need to make sure that the facility has space for your items, is affordable and can handle different climate changes like we have here in Alberta. If you’re unloading tons of heavy items, look for facilities with amenities like drive up access, etc. Those little conveniences can make all the difference.

Preparing items for storage.

Certain items may require some preparation before they are ready to be stored. If you have a mini fridge, remember to defrost, clean and dry it out before placing it in storage. Microwaves and other small appliances should be cleaned as well to prevent molding and smells. If you’re storing a winter wardrobe, be sure to pack your items in boxes that are not too heavy. When packing breakable items for storage, wrap items like picture frames and collectibles in bubble wrap or packing paper to keep them safe and secure.

The right storage facility can make the decision to use one simple. When you’re looking for storage it’s crucial that you find one that accommodates everything you’re looking for within your budget. If you’re looking for reliable, and affordable storage in the Calgary area, reach out to Crate It Storage. We can help with all your storage needs-both big and small!