Lacking Motivation to Spring Clean? Here’s 5 Tips to Help!

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Spring is in the air! With spring comes yard clean up, enjoying the outdoors, cleaning our vehicles and house cleaning. Making a to-do list to outline these items is easy-actually getting them all done is different.

Here are ten tips that will help you get motivated to spring clean!

Make a Playlist

Music makes everything more fun. Grab your phone and create a playlist of upbeat, fun songs to jam to while you clean. Listening to music makes the time pass by quickly and keeps you distracted so you won’t feel like you’re doing chores. Top hits, oldies, and some early 90’s hits are some of our favourites to listen to while doing chores!

Declutter as You Go

Get out the garbage bags and boxes friends. Spring cleaning is time to declutter too. Thin your wardrobe, get rid of shoes you don’t wear and say goodbye to household items too. When you’re trying to get motivated to start, remember that a clutter-free home is much easier to clean than a cluttered one. Sell what you can to make a little extra money and donate the rest. Clearing out items like home decor open the opportunity for fresh pieces and a new style in your home too.

Find Inspiration

Are you an HGTV fan? Who isn’t, really? If watching home decorating shows sends you running to Pinterest for ideas, reward yourself! To get the home decor you desire tell yourself you need to deep clean first. This motivation that comes from inspiration can really drive you to get your chores done quickly. After you’ve deep cleaned and decluttering your home, decorate with seasonal or up to date decor items. Obtaining this fresh look is the perfect motivation to get your chores done quickly.

Don’t Overdo It

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your spring cleaning doesn’t need to be done in one either. Pace yourself because your spring cleaning list is likely a long one. The worst thing you can do is overdo it and burn yourself out on day one. Make a list and then divide items up to be completed on specific days. Stick to your schedule and you’ll have your spring cleaning done in no time!

Count Your Steps

If getting your steps in every day is on your list of goals for the year, get ahold of a step counter. You can tackle your steps and spring cleaning list in one shot that way! Sometimes people underestimate the amount of physical work housework can be until they can see hard evidence. Two birds with one stone right?

Spring cleaning can take time and commitment to complete. This list of tips can help you keep motivated and stay on track to ensure you’re completing what needs to be done in a timely manner.

Happy spring cleaning all!