Five Ways to be More Productive in Your Home Office

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Work from home opportunities are popping up all over. Many companies are also starting to offer employees the option to work remotely. In both situations, employees and contractors are going to need a quiet, organized place to work. So how can you set up a home office to be more productive? Here are five tips that can help!


Set Up a Command Center

Magnetic boards, white boards, cork boards, and a calendar make great additions to a command center. Magnetic boards and cork boards are perfect for putting notes or to do’s in clear sight. Whiteboards are great for jotting down notes or brainstorming for projects without the paper waste. A calendar is an addition for obvious reasons. You’ll need to keep track of those important dates, especially since you could be working with multiple clients at once.


Storage Solutions Made Simple


Home offices can be tight spaces in some homes. If you’re in need of extra storage, get ahold of an affordable dresser plus a shelving unit to create storage space. Dresser drawers can hold extra office supplies, files, and other items. Placing shelving on top of the dresser is space saving and gives you a spot to place books, some small boxes to hold small items, and more.


Organize Your Closet


If you’re lucky and your home office has a closet in it, you can easily rework it to work as an effective office storage space. Place bankers boxes on top shelves that hold extra office supplies, and add a filing cabinet to the closet to hold current client files, home-related paperwork, and anything else you may need to keep. The nice thing is that all you need to do is close the door to hide all of your office supplies, or when you’re done working for the day. No more tripping over boxes and clunky filing cabinets!


Use Hanging Organizers


Look for baskets that you can label or other hanging organizers to make use of wall space and avoid cluttering up your office with unnecessary boxes or storage. These hanging organizers can be great for sorting incoming and outgoing mail, bills that need to be paid, pens/pencils/small items, etc.


Use a Drawer Organizing System


Drawer organizing systems are affordable and will save your sanity. Designate one spot for paperclips, one for pens and pencils, one for sticky notes, and other organizers for the rest of your office supplies. Using a drawer organizing system will ensure you never have to fight to open and close them again.


These tips will ensure your home office gets and stays organized at all times. To stay on top of it, ensure you put all of your items away at the end of the day.