5 Secrets to Packing your Christmas Décor, Properly

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The holidays come and go so quickly every year. Sure, it’s not even Christmas yet but before you know it, it will be time to start packing your décor up once again. To help make the clean up a breeze, we gathered our 5 favourite tips to packing your décor away the right way.

Untangle Your Lights

As many can agree, one of the most frustrating tasks of undecorating from Christmas is the lights. Whether they are indoor or outdoor, they tangle easily and can be difficult to store. The key to making your decorating the following you simple is to take the time to properly pack away your decorations. To pack your lights, you can wrap each string around a piece of cardboard to keep them together or coil them and secure with zip ties. Once they are ready, place them in a labeled bin and put them away for next year.

Store Your Wreath Properly

Christmas wreaths are one of my most favourite Christmas decorations. There are some truly beautiful ones out there. Although they are beautiful, they are very difficult to store properly. One of the best ways to keep your wreath stored properly is to purchase a wreath storage container or bag. These are typically made of durable canvas or plastic. Both options are great and can be easily placed on top of your other storage bins, or hung in a safe, dry place.

Keep your Tree Beautiful

If you use an artificial tree, you know how difficult it can be to store them properly. To make the process easier and ensure your tree stays beautiful from year to year, invest in a tree storage bag. Much like an oversized duffle bag, these bags keep your tree safe from dust and moisture. These canvas bags can accommodate a tree up to 9 feet tall and most are wheeled for your convenience.

Keep your Holiday Décor Separate

Out of this list, this is the one tip that makes the most sense. Always store your holiday décor in separate boxes and clearly label them. When you are ready to get your décor out from year to year, packing holiday décor items separate from regular household items saves you from having to pick through everything every year. Invest in some good quality reusable totes, and label boxes clearly to make setup s cinch come next year.

Take Extra Care of Fragile Items

For the fragile décor items, be sure to take extra care when packing them away. Invest in some bubble wrap, or repurpose some old towels to wrap items in. Alternatively, there are some great ornament storage boxes available as well. Keeping your ornaments separate protects them and ensures there will be no disappointment when you pull the boxes out next year. Remember, you’re always better having an extra box or two than overpacking fragile items too. As with all the other boxes, be sure to clearly label them and mark as fragile too-it can be easy to forget!

Taking the time to store your items properly will give you peace of mind for next year and making setting up your décor simple. Using proper storage totes also gives you the opportunity to place holiday décor in a secure storage facility, giving you more in-home storage for the rest of the year. To find out how Crate It Storage can keep your items safe and secure, get in touch today!