Enjoy Christmas…Clutter Free

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Christmas is just around the corner! Can you believe it? For some, the holidays bring twinkling lights, warmth, and cheer and for others they bring clutter. Living in a clutter-free environment doesn’t have to go out the window just because it’s the holidays. Here are our top 5 tips to keep the clutter at bay this holiday season.

Replace Items

Most of the areas in your home are already dedicated to other items on display. Think about your mantle, bookshelves and other shelves. Now think about what kinds of items are on display in these places year-round. When incorporating your Christmas décor into your home, replace everyday items with Christmas themed items instead of just adding them to your home. Always aim to maintain the same number of items in your space as there was before.

Colour Theme

Traditional Christmas colours have always been red and green, but as the world changes so have the colours available during the Christmas season. Every colour of the rainbow is now acceptable to decorate with during the holidays.  When decorating your home, find colours that compliment each other and put them together in certain rooms of your house. Ensure that each room flows nicely into the next. For example, if you decorate your living space and tree in purples and blues, consider decorating your open concept kitchen with silver and pinks. You want to ensure that the colours in each room of your home compliment, not clash one another.

Keep, Toss, Donate

This tried and true decluttering trick is helpful for your Christmas décor too! When unpacking, and during decorating go through your items one by one. Anything you want to keep, set out/up in your home. Items that are broken or no longer perform their proper function, toss. And items that no longer match your décor, or style can be added to a box for donations. On top of keeping the clutter out of your home, donating is especially helpful at this time of the year. Just think of the joy your gently used items could bring to someone who doesn’t have many décor options for the holidays.

No Rules

There is one aspect of your Christmas décor that does not have any rules to follow. That’s the tree-the focal point of your décor. When picking out a tree, pick the biggest, most full one that your heart desires. Have more than one if you want too! When setting up your tree, ensure that you’re not blocking any walkways or rearrange your regular furniture if you need to to make room for the tree. Decorate with plenty of lights and colours, add complimentary coloured garland and a tree skirt to match.


Practice makes perfect, right? If you’re spending Christmas in a new home this year, you will probably need to arrange and rearrange a few times as you set up. It can take time (sometimes even many Christmases) to determine the best fit for your décor. Once you have everything set up the way you like without affecting your home’s function, it will become easier to set up from year to year. Each year when you unpack your décor, you may find items that don’t fit quite right. Be sure to follow the keep, toss, donate rule as you go.

These tips are the perfect way to ensure you’re enjoying your Christmas décor instead of feeling like you’re drowning in it. We truly hope you have a fantastic time setting up your home and enjoy the season with your loved ones!