5 Ideas for a Clutter Free Space

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Ready to take the plunge to a clutter-free lifestyle? It’s not as hard as you might think! With the right tools, and attitude adopting this popular new life can be incredibly rewarding and relaxing too. To turn your home into a clutter-free space you may be wondering where to start. These ten straightforward and simple tips will help you take a step in the right direction to leave the clutter behind for good.

Don’t allow clutter to enter your space.

This one seems incredibly simple but yet it isn’t at the same time. Think about the number of items we all buy that we don’t need or the amount of junk that lands in our mailboxes that we don’t request. Stopping something before it happens is the simplest way to ensure it never gets out of control. Once the clutter enters your home it is harder to remove, period. Just say no to impulse shopping, free items, good deals or piles of junk mail.

Make donation a normal part of life.

For most, it’s common to round up your items for donation once a season or do a big haul when its time to move, downsize or do a major declutter. Remind yourself that donating throughout the year is ok anytime, not just certain times of the year. As you come across items in your home that you no longer want or need, add them to a bag. Once the bag is full or after a couple of months-if you haven’t used anything in the bag, drop it off at a local charity of your choice or give it away using a virtual garage sale group to someone in need.

Love your keepsakes in smaller sizes.

A clutter free home does not mean a home with no decorations, keepsakes or comforts. In order to ensure you always have room for your trinkets, pick your items wisely. When shopping for souvenirs, choose items on the smaller side or ones that serve a specific purpose. Think about an ornament vs. a piece of furniture or a blanket vs. a stuffed animal. Thinking small and practically will help you keep your home sentimental and clutter free.

Don’t overbuy organizing products.

Contrary to popular belief, many organizing products are actually counteractive to their purpose and those who love to organize are drawn to boxes, containers and shelving options. When buying organization items in large qualities or without logically thinking about it, they tend to make your clutter problem worse and not better. Before you even contemplate buying any kind of organizing product, be sure you’ve decluttered your home. Decluttering beforehand will give you an accurate idea of how many items you’ll need to find homes for and give you the opportunity to research the right type of organizational system you will need to be effective.

Simplify your storage options.

When you simplify your storage it will make living clutter free much easier. Think of storing like with like. Find a spot where your shoes go, books go, plates, go, etc. and ensure that all items that fall in the same category end up back with their matches. This is especially helpful for items like toiletries, remotes, batteries, pens and other small items. These types of items can easily get away on you so if you have a collective place for them, it takes the guesswork out of trying to find a spot for these items.

Living a clutter-free life can increase your mood, decrease your stress levels and save you money-all of which are very positive. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, contact Crate It Storage to store some of your extra items, or bins in our secure Calgary facility.