The Benefits of Downsizing your Office Space

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As businesses grow and change, there are going to be times that downsizing the size of your office makes sense. If you’re wondering if its really worth moving into a smaller space, here are three things to consider that can help determine if it’s the right move for you.

Less Paper Clutter

Moving to a smaller office space ensures you’ll have less paper clutter. Paper clutter takes up a ton of room in your office or storage room and can create a chaotic environment. An office space should be a place where you can focus on your work, however, with piles of papers, it becomes very difficult to work productively. As technology advances, there are many alternatives to being surrounded by piles of boxes. You can scan and save your documents in a secure spot, eliminating the need for piles and piles of bankers boxes. Downsizing to a smaller office space also doesn’t leave you tons of room to re-fill with clutter either.

Increased Savings

There is no business out there who couldn’t use to save a few bucks and downsizing your office space is the perfect way to do just that. If you own your space and are considering selling to purchase a smaller property you will walk out money ahead since a smaller space is more affordable than a larger one. If you rent your office space, the same holds true; the smaller the space the more affordable the rent. On top of the cost of a loan payment or rent, the cost of your utilities will be significantly reduced in a smaller space. If you own your space, consider the money you’ll save in property taxes when downsizing too. The cost savings really are everywhere to be found when you downsize. Another cost-saving benefit-the less space you have the less furniture and office supplies you’ll need. Just think of how far that extra money can go as it grows in your business account!

Decreased Stress

While the Canadian economy is showing some signs of improvement, it’s still tough to be a business owner. Have you ever felt stressed over your upcoming loan or rent payment? Wondered where you would get the money to pay all the business expenses plus have any leftover for a profit? Stress related to finances is a huge struggle for business owners and decreasing that stress is absolutely necessary to improve the quality of your life. If you can downsize and save yourself a significant amount every month, you’ll be taking a huge weight off your shoulders. Many business owners lose sleep, are distracted, get less time with their loved ones and feel the need to overwork because of financial stresses like these. Think about this-life is about more than just work. You need to enjoy yourself too. Sometimes owning a business feels more like a burden than a blessing, so downsizing is a good option to improve your stress levels and get back to enjoying your life.

It is a big decision to move to a smaller space in your business and one that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Ultimately, you know what’s best for your business and your own mental health. If you’re ready to downsize your space, we’d love to help! Contact Crate It Storage today!