Moving Expectations vs. Realities

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The big day is here and it’s a big one. You’ve spent a ton of time, whether that’s days or months, listing your house, taking off during showings, or hunting the real estate listings for the perfect home. You might think you’re 100% prepared, however, expectations can be much different than reality.


Expectation: You’ve been slowly packing your home up to put items in boxes that you don’t use on the regular. The expectation is that the morning of your move, all you have to do is load the boxes in your car, the moving truck, or the movers just have to pick them up.

Reality: The reality is that there are going to be a ton of last minute items that you will need to box up the morning of your move. Toiletries, clothing, kitchen supplies, groceries, etc. these items will all need to be packed last minute.


Expectation: You’ve been working hard to load your items up to move, or organizing boxes for the movers to carry out. The expectation is that once you’re in the car, with your playlist playing all will go smoothly.

Reality: The reality of the situation is that you are likely to run into traffic, possibly need to fill your tank, have to stop for bathroom breaks if it’s a long trip and hopefully you don’t have an issue with a flat tire or other mechanical problem.

Arriving at Your New Place

Expectation: The expectation is that you’ll be overjoyed and excited to arrive. The moment is here when you’re finally arriving at your new place, keys in hand- what’s not to be excited about?

Reality: The reality is that everyone is going to be grumpy at this point. Moving day is chaotic, especially if you are trying to do everything yourself or with the help of friends. It’s a long, and emotionally exhausting day, period.


Expectation: You spent days packing in advance and labeling boxes so unpacking will be as simple as setting boxes in the proper location of your new place. Then you can unpack as you go, little bits at a time.

Reality: You’ll have items mixed into boxes where they don’t belong. Think kitchen with bathroom items, your socks in the box of your kid’s clothing. The reality is that when the final push to move happens, you’re going to stick random items in boxes that have room no matter what.

These expectations vs. reality situations may seem comical now or after your move is done but during moving day stress runs high. Make moving day just a little be easier by ensuring you’ve arranged for proper assistance in advance. Crate It Storage and Relocate Stress Free are here to help you take the stress out of your upcoming move.