Top 5 Fall Moving Tips

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In the last couple of weeks in Calgary, there has been a crispness in the air that we haven’t felt in a couple of months. Unfortunately, it seems our already short summer is coming to an end and fall is in the air. Many people look forward to the fall for the cooler weather, routine of back to school and break from the heat. As we have discussed in the past, summer is the busiest time of the year to move, however, when the fall weather is mild it is popular as well. These five tips are our favorite to make your fall move just a bit easier!

  1. Declutter

If your house is like mine, during the summer chores and decluttering fall by the wayside while we take advantage of the beautiful weather. By the end of the season, you may have an abundance of clothing, swimwear, beach toys/items, toys, patio furniture and more that can be a little worse for wear. Any items that won’t make it to next summer or survive a move, should be decluttered now. When decluttering it can help to have a keep, toss, and give pile to be really clear about what you need and what you don’t. If you get on a real role, consider downsizing your cold weather clothing items that members of your family will no longer need or wear as well. The less stuff, the less there is to pack!

  1. Consider Storage

If you live in a place with challenging seasonal weather like we do in Calgary, consider the benefits of putting some items in storage. This is something that can be done in advance, so reduces the amount of work come moving day and makes more room in the moving truck too! If you’re done with your outdoor furniture, gardening tools, BBQ, etc. until next Spring at the earliest look into affordable storage options for these items. You can save yourself a substantial amount of time by doing so.

  1. Pack by the Season

When packing up your home, pack items that you will need right away together so they can be placed right in your closet when you arrive in your new home. There’s a good chance in Calgary you’ll need both your rain and snow gear in the fall so prioritize items like that over your shorts from the summer. Labeling boxes and packing items strategically will make it easier to unpack on the other end ensuring you have items you need immediately and gives you time to put other things away as you settle in.

  1. Setup Utilities in Advance

There is nothing worse than arriving at your cozy to home to find out its freezing. Be sure to call your electric and gas company to have your utilities transferred and ready to rock for moving day. It can sometimes take a few days for new accounts to be processed so as soon as you have your move-in date, call ahead!

  1. Put Plastic Down

Moving in the summer doesn’t present as much of an issue if it’s dry, but in the fall it can be wet and rainy or even snowy creating a real mess in your new home. Investing into some plastic to set on the floor is going to be worth every penny to not have to clean your entire house after you just move in. Plastic painters sheeting or large black trash bags can be taped in place to save your flooring and make moving in a breeze. (This is a great idea when moving out too!)

The fall is a busy time of the year for everyone and moving in the fall can cause some stress so consider using these tips to make your fall move happen smoothly!