Practical Must Haves to Organize Your Office

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Getting your office organized and keeping it that way are two totally different things that can be very challenging. There are some really neat items that help to keep your space organized so we put together a list of our must-have office organization items.

  1. Cable Clips. Tired of looking at a big tangled mess of cables under or on top of your desk? These little guys are the perfect option to say goodbye to that ball of mess once and for all. Simply snap wires/cables into one of these clips to keep them from getting tangled.
  2. Reusable White Board. Do you go through a ton of post its or pieces of paper when you’re jotting ideas down? These little pieces of paper can become a huge cluttered mess quickly, so a whiteboard is an easy alternative. Get a small one for your desk or a large one for the wall. These boards make it easy to jot down your thoughts, hold a brainstorming session and reduce your environmental impact.
  3. A desk organizer. Every desk needs a desk organizer. You can get more a sleek and stylish wooden one or even a colourful plastic one-whatever suits your fancy. These are the perfect option to store your pens, phone, notebook, tape, etc.
  4. A Pen Scanner. Are you ready for your dreams to come true? Take this pen, glide it over your text and watch the text show up on your device just like magic. This is ideal for those of us that like to take pen and paper notes during meetings or feel the creative juices flow better the old-fashioned way.
  5. A File Organizer. Many files, papers, client documents, etc. are bound to end up on your desk throughout the day. Adding a filing system for documents to your desk or on a shelf nearby can be helpful for keeping you organized during the day or as projects progress.
  6. A better office chair or desk. If you spend most of the workday sitting at your desk, and the gym isn’t your number one priority, consider investing in a balance ball chair. These are perfect for reducing stiffness, improving posture, and improving circulation. If you’re looking to take it a step further, consider investing in a standing desk!
  7. An awesome wall calendar or a day planner. Having a calendar on your phone is great but sometimes having a visual reminder of your meetings, appointments, deadlines, etc. is beneficial when trying to stay organized. Your calendar can be a jot list in a day planner or you can use a wall calendar with important dates written on it.
  8. A timer. When you’re working on tasks throughout the day, time blocking has proven to be an effective way to maximize your productivity. Using a timer can help you stick to your blocks of time and allow you to accomplish more in your day. You can get a timer online, on your phone or invest in a simple egg timer.
  9. A portable speaker. Music can improve your creativity and make you more productive, therefore more organized. If your boss allows it, invest in a portable speaker and turn on some tunes to power through your day in a productive way.
  10. A Paper Shredder. A good old-fashioned shredder is essential to keeping the clutter out of your office. When you’re done with documents be sure to shred them right away to avoid being surrounded by piles of papers.

We would love to hear which items you have begun using and how they have impacted your office in a positive way!