Spring Cleaning Tips for a Tidier Home

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Spring is finally here after a long winter and before we know it summer will be here! Spring cleaning is something that most of us avoid doing for as long as possible, but these 10 tips are sure to make the process much easier for you!

  1. Create a list of what needs to be done and divvy the tasks up. Aim to complete one to two tasks per day so you’re not rushing and are completing a high-quality cleaning job.
  2. Washing walls is a top priority for spring cleaning. When doing so, wipe down all the baseboards, and vents to get rid of any excess dust or dirt. Using a dry mop and duster with a telescopic handle is a simple wash to wash walls while avoiding using a ladder.
  3. Clean your windows inside and out. When completing this task, clean your blinds, screens, window frame and curtains too.
  4. Dust light fixtures and bulbs. Take any removable parts off to wash and dry them. While you have them off, unscrew each bulb and dust them, and the surrounding parts off.
  5. Vacuum you’re entire house-every last corner. Pull out your furniture and vacuum behind and underneath it, and along your baseboards. Pay special attention to the corners as pet hair and dust tends to get stuck there.
  6. Steam clean your carpets and area rugs. Make sure you’ve picked a warm day, so you can open your windows and dry the carpets faster. This helps rid your home of any deep stains, pet stains/odors, and other household smells.
  7. Clean your cabinets inside and out. Cabinets are something we look at and use every single day, but often forget to clean. Remove all items from the cabinets and thoroughly wipe down using warm water and dish soap. Be sure to dry cupboards as well. Once you’re done with the inside wipe the outside too, paying special attention to any that have cooking splatters that need to be cleaned up.
  8. Organize your closets. Downsize and declutter while you’re cleaning. Donate items you haven’t worn in the last 6 months or throw away items that are old/ruined. Vacuum carpets inside the closet, or wash the floors if you have vinyl, hardwood or lino.
  9. If you’re a bookworm with a lot of books, remove all the books from your shelf and dust behind and under each one. Bookshelves are a huge dust collector-you’ll be surprised!
  10. If you have hardwood floors, spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to treat and care for your floors to increase their longevity.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to feel like a huge chore. Remember, when you break a long list down into smaller chunks, everything is possible to complete! What are your favourite spring cleaning routines?