Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

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As we spend years in the same place we all tend to gather more stuff.  While some people are more sentimental than others, some like to collect and some end up with more duplicate items than others,  we can all benefit from downsizing our homes at certain times of our lives. When you reach a point in your life when you are ready to say goodbye to cleaning gutters, mowing the lawn, shoveling endless amount of snow or spending hours cleaning downsizing just makes sense.

Downsizing can save you money

Living in a smaller home can save you significant amounts of money. You may end up with a significantly cheaper mortgage payment, extra money in the bank if you have equity in your current home, and decreased utility cost. Also, you will likely save money on your house insurance and property taxes in a smaller place too.

It’s less work

Who wants to feel like taking care of their home is another job? No one! When you live in a large home with a yard, multiple rooms, a garage, etc. you probably spend the majority of your free time caring for or maintaining something on your property. When you move into a smaller option like a condo or a townhouse, your condo fees will more than likely cover snow removal, landscaping and more. Cleaning your house also takes less time when you have a smaller space.

Diversify your investments

Many people nearing retirement usually have a large sum invested in their home. By selling your home you stand to make a significant profit off the sale from the equity you have built. Taking this money and investing it, gives you more opportunity for larger returns when heading into retirement.

Say goodbye to clutter once and for all

Truth be told, the more space you have the more you will feel the need to fill it. One of the largest benefits of downsizing your home is the ability to stop spending money on furniture, electronics, appliances, or other things to fill the space that you truly don’t need. Downsizing helps you to prioritize your life and get rid of the extra things while leaving more money in your pocket.

Smaller homes feel more homey

While your lifestyle may vary,  many homeowners agree that smaller spaces encourage and facilitate family bonding. When you live in a large spread out home it’s easier to become disconnected. Smaller homes create space where family members work together to compromise, share and get organized. This closeness will make your smaller home feel cozy and not cramped.

Downsizing can seem like an overwhelming job at the start but once you get on a roll you’ll begin to feel much lighter without so much stuff. if you’re in need of assistance for the downsizing process, packing or moving we’re glad to help in the Calgary area.