Tips to Store Your Clothing Properly

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Clothing can be a tricky thing to figure out how to store. There are a few things to consider when packing parts of your wardrobe away. Follow these straightforward steps to prepare your clothing to be packed away.

Step 1: Wash all clothing before packing.

Before packing your clothes away for storage, wash every item of clothing. If clothing needs to be ironed regularly, iron it before packing it away as well. When your clothing is clean before being packed away it will help it to stay fresh much longer, prolonging their life.

If you pack dirty clothing, chances are stains and odors contained within will settle into the fabric over time. Dirty clothing can also be a risk to store because of its potential to attract unwanted insects, etc. Be sure the clothing is all completely dry to avoid mold and mildew from setting in either. While washing, it’s a great time to downsize your wardrobe and donate some items you never use.

Step 2: Only use vacuum sealing for short-term storage.

Some people think that vacuum sealing is the best way to store clothing, and it is a great option for the short term. The lack of air inside of a vacuum bag can cause the fibers in your clothing to compress which will ruin their shape and fit. Vacuum sealing does save a ton of space, but is it really worth the risk of damaging your clothing? If you choose to use vacuum sealing, pick and choose your items wisely and only do so for the short term.

Step 3: Place clothing in bins with secure lids.

The best way to store clothes is to place them all in sealed plastic containers. The plastic crates will protect your clothes from outside moisture when transporting them in any kind of weather and will protect from dust. For extra special items, consider lining the plastic containers with clean, cotton sheets to give further protection.

Step 4: Pack with care.

Use common sense when packing your items into crates. Place larger, heavier items on the bottom and lighter, more delicate items on the top. If you have a lot of items, consider rolling them as you will be able to add more into a crate, but take care not to over pack either. If you have clothing that needs to hang, our wardrobe boxes are a great option, or for simplicity secure hangers together and place in a storage bag.

Step 5: Choose a professional storage solution.

You need to choose a storage option that will protect your clothes in the best way possible. Many traditional self-storage units fail to provide environments free of dust, vermin and other harmful elements. Forget tripping over the bins in your basement and contact Crate It Storage to store your clothing in a safe and secure environment.

Crate It Storage is here to support your storage needs in Calgary and the surrounding area. It’s simple-order online and we pick your items up! When you’re ready, call us and we deliver. Contact us today to clear some of the excesses from your home.