Set Your Cubicle Up for Maximum Productivity

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Working indoors all day can be tough and working in a cubicle with limited space can be even more of a challenge. To get organized and enjoy your workspace follow these tips to set up your desk properly from day one for maximum productivity.

Get a Plant

Most cubicles don’t have a window view so it’s important for productivity and your mental health to have a piece of nature present. Flowers, greenery, or anything from outdoors can improve your concentration and give you something to tend to and care for which is excellent for your emotional state.

Face the Rest of the Office

If it’s at all possible to arrange your chair so that when you are looking at your computer, you can see the entrance to your cubicle. Having that view of the outside world will increase your comfort and make you be able to work harder. Being in a comfortable place can make all the difference to your work experience. If facing the entrance to your cube just isn’t possible, add something reflective to your desk. A small mirror or even a frame with a reflective surface are good options, plus they let you know when someone is headed to your workspace.

Find Sources of Blue Light

Being exposed to blue light has been shown to decrease drowsiness and improve reaction times, alertness, and improved attention spans. If your computer has an LED display you should be good, if not consider swapping your light bulbs for a basic LED bulb.

Develop a Workflow for Incoming and Outgoing items

Organize your desk and drawers by importance. Add items you use most often in the closest drawer and everything else can be placed further away. Every item should have a specific place, and every piece of paper should have a file where it belongs. It makes for a great day when your workplace is without distraction the minute you walk into your space. If you can, work on updating your to-do list right before you leave each evening. Being prepared is a huge part of maintaining and organized office space.

Pick and Choose Your Knick-Knacks Wisely

Limit the number of personal items you have on your desk to a minimum. It’s been shown that the number of stuff you have around you, the more distracting it is. Too many items create an environment where the items compete for your attention making it harder to filer information, multitask, maintain your memory and focus on your work.

When you’ve had a very productive day, you will go home without the stress of a disorganized office space, mile long to do list or unhappy boss hanging over your head. Crate It Storage is here to help you find a solution to the problems that everyday workspaces face on a regular basis.