Ten Tips for Downsizing Your Space

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Time to downsize to a smaller home? Maybe you are ready to retire and take advantage of less square footage and maintenance. These ten tips will make downsizing simple for you, or your loved ones.

  1. Write a list.

Write a list of the items you absolutely love and cannot live without. Writing out this list in long form can help you determine what is truly important and essential. While it may be difficult for some specific items, stick to the point and ensure you go through each item in your home. Start early and take your time!

  1. Start going through your items at least three months before you’re ready to move.

Take some time each day to go through the items in your home. The sooner you start the less pressure you will be under and the more time you will have to donate, sell or throw away items.

  1. Get a real life feel for the size of your new place.

Take a look and measure your new place to determine which furniture you currently own that you will have room for without cluttering up your new space.

  1. Go after areas with items that contain less sentimental items aggressively.

A kitchen is a great place for this. No one is going to be sad to giveaway an extra mixing bowl or mixing spoons. If your downsizing from a house to a condo, clean out your garage too. Snow shovels, your lawn mower, ladders, etc. are all things you won’t need anymore.

  1. Reduce your impact as you go.

Recycle, reuse, sell, donate or store as many items as possible instead of throwing things away. There may be a lot of items that you need to remove, so definitely trash things sparingly.

  1. Get 3 boxes and label them with keep, give, and sell.

Place items in the corresponding boxes. Make sure they are manageable to carry when they’re full.

  1. Stay objective or get perspective.

If you cannot decide to keep something or get rid of it, be sure to have someone in your corner that will help you maintain perspective.

  1. Try auctioning your high-end items.

Antiques, furniture, area rugs, collectibles and other things can be sold for a significant profit. If you have items that you will no longer have room for, you might as well make some profits to help furnish your new place or add to your savings account.

  1. Prearrange your furniture before the move.

If you don’t have a floor plan, sketch one out and pre-arrange your furniture. When this is done to scale it will give you a good idea of what will fit and what won’t be, giving you more items to get rid of in advance. Less to pack and less to move!

  1. Colour code your boxes when you pack.

Choose a colour for each room in your house and mark the boxes with a coordinating colour. If colours aren’t right for you, label the boxes so you know where they need to be when they arrive at your new place. Simple and efficient.

Downsizing can be a busy and stressful time. Keep your sights on the future, because it’s bright for you and your loved ones in your new clutter-free space!