How to Get Rid of The Holiday Clutter

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In just a few short weeks it will be time to say goodbye to Christmas trees, stockings and the gifts under the tree. Here are ten tips to staying on top of the holiday clutter, in advance!

Throw away the garbage.

Get an extra-large trash bag and walk through the house looking for items to be thrown away. Get rid of gift wrap, leftover sweets, gift bags or anything you even wonder if you will use again.

Get rid of the boxes.

Most houses are buried in boxes by the time the holidays are over. The boxes that gifts were wrapped in, the boxes from the deliveries that came, boxes from food, and more! Break the boxes down and gather them for recycling.

Find a place for new items.

It may be a job to find a spot for all the new items that have come into your home. After Christmas, be sure to declutter clothing, toys, accessories and anything else that you may need to replace with new items.

Create a plan to get rid of items you will not use.

We have all received something that we will never use. Accepting that right away and dealing with the extra clutter is an important part of keeping your home clutter-free. Consider having a re-gift box, or donating to these items to charity.

Collect anything that needs to be returned. 

There’s a good chance someone in your home will receive something they already have or something that doesn’t fit. Gather all these items together so you can make one trip out to return them all.

Make a donation bag.

This bag is perfect for filling with gifts, holiday décor you no longer need or want, and clothes that you need to remove from your home. Place them in your car and drop them off at a local donation drop spot next time you’re out.

Put away your decorations in increments.

When you’re putting up your decorations, you’re probably excited and looking forward to the holidays. When you’re taking everything down it can feel like a really big chore without the excitement. Take your time and spread the clean up over a few days to avoid overwhelm and anxiety.

Downsize your Christmas decorations as you go.

When you are putting items back in their boxes, consider if the decorations are really something you want to put up again next year.

Put the boxes away ASAP.

Once your Christmas décor is packed up, put the boxes back in storage right away.

Plan for the new year.

Ready to take your organization to the next level in 2018? Make a list of things you want to organize during the year and make it happen!