The Cost of a Cluttered Office

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Maximizing productivity is a common topic among business professionals from every industry. There is a definite link between company profits and success and owner/employee productivity that needs to be considered. Did you know that working in the most productive manner can be as simple as maintaining a clean and tidy desk space?

Did you know the average person wastes over 4 hours per week searching for a paper on their desk? This added stress can negatively impact concentration and creative thinking, leading to less productive days all around. Eventually, this inability to locate specific information will directly impact how you deliver service to your customers.

Here are three solid tips for cleaning your desk and keeping it that way.

Reduce your paper usage.

Next time you think about printing off an email or adding another business card to the pile on your desk, ask yourself ‘is there a better way I can save this?’.  Cloud-based storage and CRM systems greatly decrease the need for paper. There are many user-friendly options out there that provide a simple solution to constantly looking through papers.

Don’t let the clutter build up.

A small mess may seem like nothing at first, but small messes build up to become large messes in a quick hurry. Allowing one pile of paperwork to take up residence on your desk invites more piles to join. As clutter stares you in the face its easy to let your mind believe that a little more won’t hurt. Once the clutter has become so out of control that you cannot handle it then you will have a huge mess to deal with. To stay on top of the clutter, clear your desk at the end of every day. Taking maybe 5 minutes at the end of each workday to tidy up will save you hours of unproductive time during the week.

Downsize your desk.

The larger the desk you have, the more space you will fill up with stuff. If you’re really struggling to downsize the clutter, consider switching to a smaller desk. When you limit the amount of space, you’ll be forcing yourself to cut down the paperwork and other clutter. This limited space forces you to consciously consider where you are placing things on your desk.

All it takes to disrupt your productivity are a few small distractions and it can be hard to control them in an office environment. Placing paperwork and other extra office supplies in secure storage is an excellent option to clear some of the clutter from your office and its never been easier! Contact Crate It Storage and we will pick your items up it within Calgary and surrounding area!